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About Me

About Me

I grew up in the capital of highest Polish mountains, Zakopane.

During my childhood I was exposed to spectacular views of this magnificent natural wonders every day.

Constant breathing the beauty of surroundings enhanced my senses and fueled my passion.

For most of my life I did little creations, but when once upon the time I was asked to paint a wall and my vulcano of creativity erupted...

I painted leaves, branches, birds, fungies, plants and more...

I couldn't stop...

Until I was happy with the result...

This vulcano is snoozing and waiting for a trigger..

My Portfolio

My Portfolio

Here you can find examples of my work


Main branch of the great tree

Tree Branch

Right branch of the tree growing upstairs


Birds living on the great tree


Detailed leaves growing on the tree


Great tree has its fungies

Blue Bird

How blue bird was created?

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